Monday, March 5, 2007

More on Music as a Path Toward Genuine Reconciliation and Understanding: EDEN MI QEDEM

The Jerusalem-based World Music band "'Eden Mi Qedem" (Ancient Eden) was established by Samuel (Shmuel) Nelson, who has lived and traveled extensively in the East and the West, in both the Jewish and Arab world. He created 'Eden Mi Qedem' to give musical expression to his own spiritual and aesthetic journey. Their recently released debut disk brings together some of the region's finest musicians of Middle Eastern/Arabic music and Western rock/pop. The band's lyrics are a unique blend of Hebrew, Arabic, and English, and are based on inspiring traditional texts as well as original poetry. All of this has created a genre breaking music with a powerful message; and with potential to help bring about Jewish/Muslim spiritual reconciliation.
See samplings of their inspiring music below

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