Thursday, March 15, 2007

Avoid "Grand Solution" Temptation while Seizing any Real Opportunities

Avoid the "Grand Solution" Temptation - Gerald M. Steinberg
While Gerald Steinberg warns against a false euphoria over the revived Saudi initiative, he also points to the narrow, but existent, windows of opportunity that the initiative does provide. It is the Jewish way to always seek any opportunity to forward our goal of living in peace and harmony with our neighbors, while simultaneously remaining ever vigilant of the very real threats and clouds we find ourselves living under.

"the specific opportunities presented by the revived Saudi initiative, under an American umbrella, should not be wasted. Beyond the immediate and shared strategic concerns regarding the growing Iranian influence and hegemonic goals, this channel can be used to lower the level of distrust and ignorance. The time is long overdue for Saudi leaders - political and religious - to end support for incitement and anti-Semitism. If Israelis are asked to take the Saudi plan seriously, the promised movement toward normalization must be visible, and not hidden behind closed doors."
Gerald Steinberg heads the Program on Conflict Management at Bar-Ilan University, and is the executive director of

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