Sunday, April 1, 2012

Reform Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch's Important Shabbat Sermon: Peter Beinart's Offense Against Liberalism

Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch's impassioned sermon last Shabbat regarding the real dangers posed to Liberalism, and why Peter Beinart continues to cross red lines of legitimate criticism.
Last year at just about this time, also right before Passover, Rabbi Hirsch gave an important speech in New Orleans at the CCAR (Central Conference of American Rabbis) that I used in my Pesach D'var. His full speech of March 2011 can be seen here.
This year, in response to Beinart's just published The Crisis of Zionism, and to his NY Times op-ed, To Save Israel, Boycott the Settlements, published two weeks ago on March 18th, Rabbi Hirsch gives voice to why Beinart is not only wrong, but acting irresponsibly and even immorally.

I urge you to listen to this 20 minute sermon in its entirety, here

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