Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Immortal Bird": Doron Weber's Tribute & Celebration of Damon the Miraculous

Son and Father above

What can I say? As one who was privy to so many of the stories (either directly or in the telling) of this masterwork of prose, I still hung on every word, in each iteration that I had the privilege to read. Doron is my dearest, lifelong friend, and it is the bitterest of ironies that his emergence onto the stage of world literature, must perforce be in the service of immortalizing his most cherished, now departed son. But thanks to Doron's devotion, Damon lives on.
The book speaks for itself, and read it you must. It will be through a vale of tears, but you will emerge the richer for having had the opportunity to get to know the shining light that is Damon, and along the way, learn about a most extraordinary family and their enduring love for their remarkable son.

Dava Sobel, author of Galileo's Daughter and Longitude, had this to say:
Damon, whose life is delimited by his damaged heart, emerges here as the grandest spirit in a small body since Antoine de Saint-Exupery imagined The Little Prince.

Immortal Bird is a transcendent work of art. It, and Damon, will indeed achieve immortality.
David in Seattle

A powerful and lyric portrait of a son and a vibrant family.”—Toni Morrison “I was seized by Doron Weber's prose….We've gained a book of rare passion 

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