Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Daniel Pearl World Music Days Concert at the Kline Galland: this Sunday, Oct 25th; 2-4pm

Morris Malakoff • JTNews Correspondent

It’s been nearly eight years since Wall Street journalist Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and brutally murdered in Pakistan.In that time, his family and friends, along with many others, have built a powerful and effective organization dedicated to his memory, The Daniel Pearl Foundation.While it goes about its educational and journalistic work, the foundation has also successfully put together a month of worldwide music events that occur throughout October on an annual basis.

“Daniel Pearl World Music Days” may seem an incongruous way to celebrate the life of a man known best for his writing and reporting. But, in fact, music was a large part of his life. According to the foundation’s Web site, “Music turned out to be an essential form of expression for Danny and led him to become a fixture in several bands throughout the world, where he improvised on the electric violin, fiddle, or mandolin. Today, friends and colleagues still recall how quickly he would pick up an instrument when he sensed an occasion, such as writing a song for a pregnant friend past her due date, or the Christmas night when he entertained downhearted co-workers at his office.”

Started in October 2002 in celebration of what would have been Pearl’s 39th birthday, Daniel Pearl World Music Days has grown to a festival with more than 3,100 events in 85 countries.This year, the Seattle segment of the World Music Days event, a part of the International Harmony for Humanity Concert Network, is scheduled for Sun., Oct. 25 at the Kline Galland Home in Seattle’s Seward Park neighborhood from 2 to 4 p.m.

Admission is free.The eclectic line-up includes Rabbi Jim Mirel; the Seattle All Star Klezmer Band; Jacquelina’s Dances of Spain; Marianna, which features with cantor/keyboardist Marina Belenky, guitarist Anna Vasilevskaya, and bass player Oleg Ruvinov; vocalist Gabby Bonner; musical theater diva Joanne Klein; jazz musician Marc Smason; guitarist Ari Zucker and Nick Heiting & Bonnie Burch.

According to David Brumer, director of social services at Kline Galland, this is the second year Kline Galland Home will dedicate their concert as part of the annual Daniel Pearl World Music Days network.“Last year, we had Daniel’s father, Judea, here as a guest speaker and he told us about the World Music event,” he said. “It was already October, but we were able to put together an event and be a part of it. This year, we are ready and have been getting ready to enthusiastically have our second annual event.”

Judea Pearl, president of the foundation bearing his son’s name, said the most important part of any of the performances under the World Music Days banner is letting the audience know about the principles for which the younger Pearl stood.“Danny was a talented musician and principled journalist who respected all cultures,” said Judea Pearl. “World Music Days is part of his legacy to raise awareness of our common humanity. All musicians, no matter their genre, are invited to dedicate performances held from October 1-31 each year.”

Marina Belenky, left, and Anna Vasilevskaya are principals in Marianna, a trio that plays traditional Jewish and world music. They are joined by Oleg Ruvinov (not pictured). They will be performing at a concert dedicated to the memory of journalist Daniel Pearl on Oct. 25 at the Kline Galland Home in Seattle’s Seward Park neighborhood. photo courtesy Marina Belenky

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George Jochnowitz said...

It is entirely appropriate that the life of a reporter who searched for information--the opposite of totalitarianism--should be celebrated with a concert. Totalitarians typically suppress music. Chairman Mao and Ayatollah Khomeini both placed severe limitations on what kind of music could be performed. The tradition goes back at least as far as Plato, the grandfather of totalitarianism, who in Book III:398-400 of the REPUBLIC, talked about banning the flute and other instruments "capable of modulation into all modes."