Sunday, March 8, 2009

HYPOCRISY WEEK: Israel--and America--Fight Back

Make sure to open up the link below to see satirical retort to distorted Canadian poster depicting Israel as child-killers.
And further down, superb essay by Professor Emeritus Edward Alexander, formerly of Tel Aviv University & the University of Washington, on the shameful Orwellian inversion of reality by international Israel/Jew-bashers.
Also, see StandWithUs Response Materials
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Israelis fight fire with fire over Apartheid Week
By Cnaan Liphshiz
Inspired by a controversial "Israeli Apartheid Week" poster, two local artists released a spoof they dubbed "Hypocrisy Week."
The poster created by David Guy and Guy GurfinkelThe original Canadian poster was an advertisement for an annual series of anti-Israel events held on campuses around the world. It shows a gunship bearing the word "Israel" firing at a kaffiyeh-clad boy holding a teddy bear. The poster was banned from two Ottawa universities over complaints that it displayed Israelis as child-killers. The spoof shows the same boy being used as a shield by militants launching rockets at Israel, while journalists film the boy. It was created by Australia-born David Guy, 54, from Rehovot, and his son's best friend, 23-year-old Guy Gurfinkel from Shoham, who will begin studies at the Bezalel Academy of Arts next year. "I've arranged the pieces, but Gurfinkel's the real artist," David Guy told Haaretz.

"Israel Apartheid Week" (publ. Univ. of Washington Daily, 6 March '09
Israel Apartheid Week
By Edward Alexander

The enemies of Israel neither slumber nor sleep. Right now they are engaged in "Israel Apartheid Week," spewing fire and vitriol at the Jewish state and calling for its elimination from the family of nations; as the Nazis sought to make Europe Judenrein (purified of Jews) the Israel-haters aspire to make the world "Judenstaatrein" (purified of a Jewish state).

There have never been apartheid laws in Israel. Jews and Arabs use the same buses, clinics, government offices, universities, theatres, restaurants, soccerfields, and beaches. All citizens of Israel, regardless of religion or ethnic origin, are equal before the law. That law accords full political, civil, and human rights to all its people, including the more than one million Arab citizens, some of whom serve in the Israeli parliament and cabinet. Israel is also the only country in the world to have sought out and brought to its shores, entirely on its own initiative, tens of thousands of black Africans for purposes other than slavery, granting them full citizenship.

If the charge of racism is directed specifically against Israel's Law of Return, here are some aids to reflection and comparison.The Armenian constitution seeks "the protection of Armenian historical and cultural values located in other countries" and permits individuals "ofArmenian origin" to acquire citizenship through "a simplified procedure." TheLithuanian constitution proclaims: "Everyone who is ethnically Lithuanian has the right to settle in Lithuania." The Polish and Ukrainian constitutions have identical provisions. If the ire of Israel's enemies is aroused by Israel's being a Jewish state, why do they not direct it also against Britain, a Christian state, with an official Protestant church, a Protestant monarch, a Protestant state education system? Other Christian states with numerous non-Christian citizens are Denmark, Finland, Greece, and Norway. And let us not speak of all the states whose names begin with "Islamic Republic of..." or "United Arab...," and who are among the most zealous suppporters of such orgies of hatred as "Israel Apartheid Week."

The blackening of Israel's name on university campuses is the sordid work of a grotesque alliance between political "progressives" and reactionary Islamic fundamentalists. Among the warmest of hearts in both groups, there is always a cold spot for the Jews, so let us appeal to them not on moral grounds but those of their professed interests. Have the Islamicists noticed (as President Obama did in his inaugural address) that the obsession ofPalestinian Arabs with destroying somebody else's society instead of building up their own (via education, commerce, public works, health care) has made them one of the most wrecked peoples on the face of the earth? Can the progressive do-gooders cease to confuse doing good with feeling good about what they are doing?

Edward Alexander
Professor emeritus


Anonymous said...

If there were no Israel, there would be no Marxist-Islamic alliance. Anti-Zionism is the only movement powerful enough to get people who disagree about absolutely every other issue to unite. The Left licks Islamic ass.

Uzi Silber said...

and a most unappetizing ass it is...