Friday, June 1, 2007

More on the battle for Universal Human Rights--This Time from Palestinian NGO!

It is saddening to see the increase in violence against Palestinian women but it is heartening to see a Palestinian NGO bringing these heinous crimes to light. We must continue to demand that universal human rights are respected everywhere. To re-quote Nonie Darwish,
"Though the Middle East is a complex region with many ancient variables, customs, differences and animosities, we must apply a universal concept of human rights, women's rights and minority rights to all countries on the globe -- with no exceptions for any religion or ideology.Those Americans who stood up for these rights in the '60s -- and still do today -- are the natural allies of moderate Muslims in our struggle against Middle East religious and political tyranny. Stand with us now."

MAAN NEWS AGENCY---------------------------
Palestinian NGOs reveal rising rates of so-called 'honour killings'
Date: 28 / 05 / 2007
Ramallah - Ma'an -
A forum of Palestinian organizations which fight anti-women violence published on Monday a report about killing Palestinian women under the guise of so-called family honour. The report covered 3 years from 2004 to 2006
During this period the number of women killed increased from 14 to 32, with the ages of the victims ranging from 12 to 85. Of the 32 victims, 30 of the murdered girls were Muslim. In 17 cases, the perpetrators were brothers, while in 5 cases, fathers killed their own daughters.. and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Danish International Development Assistance (DANIDA), Ma'an News Agency Commitments-1. To supply 24-hour news, for free, in Arabic, en, and Hebrew for local, regional, and international readers and media professionals. 2. To produce news items on political, social, economic, cultural, and sports events. Our on-line News agency reports the facts and delivers high quality pictures. MNA is known for being reliable, objective, accurate, balanced, and informed. Ma'an News Agency
Objectives- offer to the Palestinian and international communities independent and professional Palestinian news;
2. to promote democracy in Palestine through media, freedom of exNewsion, freedom of the News, and pluralism of the media;
3. to increase Palestinian media credibility in the international scene by producing objective and professional news; Ma'an News Agency Offices and Staff-MNA has two offices: the main office is located in Bethlehem with a sub-office in Gaza City. The Bethlehem office employs the equivalent of 31 full-time employees (six of which are administration) while the Gaza office has seven. MNA employs a total of 14 reporting correspondents that work throughout Palestine: 12 in the West Bank and 2 in Gaza. Sixteen hired photographers work under MNA: 12 in the West Bank, 2 in Gaza, and 2 in Israel.
All writers, reporters, and photographers work under the Chief Editor Nasser Laham. Mr. Laham worked as chief editor for Al Arabi Magazine as well as two local TV stations in Bethlehem. He was previously a correspondent for the Lebanese satellite channel NBN, the Radio of Qatar, and the Iran News Agency. Currently he also performs as the key anchor of a popular daily TV news program broadcasted on the Ma'an Network TV Stations, which translates every day at 8pm the Hebrew evening news into Arabic. Ma'an News was founded by Mr. Raed Othman. Mr. Othman worked for ten years as the head of the Bethlehem T.V. and is now the General Manager of the Ma'an Network. He is also currently the General Director of the Ma'an News Agency

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